About Mr. Fix It

Stephen Simonetti started Mr. Fix It Home Improvement Contracting, LLC to provide a wide range of Home Improvement services to the community.

We have worked in the service industry for more than 20 years and know what makes good customer service. That’s why we call people back. We make appointments promptly and don’t keep you waiting.

We are fully insured and licensed Home Improvement Contractors. With more than 20 years experience, we are ready to tackle all home repair and remodeling needs. For everything from appliance repair to electrical, plumbing, and custom woodwork, Mr. Fix It Home Improvement Contracting, LLC can handle the job.

Our Clients
Mr. Fix It Home Improvement Contracting, LLC works with a diverse customer base including:

  • Homeowners: Need a new kitchen?  Bathroom?  Maybe it’s time to finish your basement rooms?
  • Realtors: Need someone to ready that house for selling?
  • Contractors: Need someone to complete the finish work? How about someone for those small jobs?
  • Property Owners (Landlords): How about someone to oversee your properties? Mr. Fix It also provides property management services!

1 year guarantee on all labor.